Professional Indemnity Insurance

Ask Atlas for - Professional Indemnity Insurance covers the legal liability arising from

professional services in the event that a third-party claims to have suffered a loss as a result of

professional negligence by an insured. Any business or person who provides services such as

advice, design, or offers their skills or knowledge services in a professional capacity should

consider taking out this insurance.

  • ·        Accountants and auditors
  • ·        Architects (Including Projects)
  • ·        Dentists
  • ·        Engineers (Electrical and Mechanical)
  • ·        General Practitioners (Family Doctors)
  • ·        Health and Fitness Professional
  • ·        Lawyers and Notaries
  • ·        Optometrists
  • ·        Radiographers
  • Accountants
  • Therapists
  • Pharmacists


Professionals may owe a duty of care to anybody who might reasonably rely upon the service

or advice they have provided. Clients of these professionals expect high standards of service

and are more inclined to resort to litigation when such standards have not been met.

Professional Indemnity provides protection against losses which are a result of the professional’s negligence.

This can cover the actual loss (i.e. damages) or the costs that result in defending a claim that may not be

successful. Either way this an essential risk management tool for professional companies for peace of mind,

as well as giving consumer protection to their clients.

J. Debrincat Limited is a Tied Insurance Intermediary for Atlas Insurance PCC Limited for General insurance

and is regulated by the Malta Financial Services Authority Enrollment No C30546

Atlas Insurance PCC Limited, a cell company, to transact general insurance business;

the non-cellular assets of the company may be used to meet losses incurred by the cells in excess of their assets.







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